Easy PC Control your computer with a remote control! Java development so that it (Mac, Windows, Linux tested), which establishes the link between your phone and your andyour computer mouse, it’s multiplatform system allows you to manage the volume and other issues, such as LL Cool Stuff. ! You can only install on your Android device and the server applicationand Easy PC Control server application that can be downloaded from here you can go to the aregood: http://www.estilonline.com/easypccontrolor here: http://www.filedropper. Com / epcFeatures: – Mouse Pad – Double tap and drag and drop Keyboard-Alt + Tab – Speech Recognition (this is an experimental feature: What kind of you to say your phone to your PC) Windows only (now ..) – System Volume – Mute Off/On- Screen Off/On- you all for your support for suspend-ShutdownThank, I like you and you do not have anyquestion or advice, feel free to contact me Recent changes:! The first releaseContent Rating: Everyone