IP address gives advertisers, your ISP, and even tons of police information about you. If you want to hide browsing behavior, you can hide easy IP-issue you a new IP address whenever you want to change. It helps you to stay anonymous on the Internet, but not quite such a comprehensive solution VPN agent or more powerful.

Although touted easy setup, loading takes longer than most because of the registry. You have to give up your e-mail address and then wait for a key product before you can start using the program. Then, if you want more than one trial for three days, costing $ 29.95. Thankfully, Once you make it through the setup process and time-consuming, easy to hide IP-delivered dozens of different IP addresses to choose from. There are several different countries to choose from, too. However, regardless of the region of your choice, and will slow down your browsing significantly. Loading does not stop all instances of tracking whether foreign.

Although this program does exactly what it says, you could be disappointed. It hides your IP well enough, but it can track dedicated hunt still down your origin. If traffic is encrypted such as VPN, then Easy Hide IP-be more than worth the download $ 29.95. At present, it is not the best of the Tour or Web sites that will give you a free agent on demand for private browsing.